The Cabbage Patch Kids brand of products originally started as dolls called Little People created by Xavier Roberts with the help of four women and inspired by Tennessee artisan, Martha Nelson.

The name change to Cabbage Patch Kids was instigated by Roger Schlaifer before he secured the worldwide licensing rights to "Little People " and was the basis of the story co-authored in 1982 by Roger and his wife, Susanne Nance Schlaifer. An abbreviated version of the story was reproduced on every Cabbage Patch Kids product from 1983 going forward. Parker Brothers published the original story retitled "Xavier's Fantastic Discovery" in 1984 and their Parker Records produced a Gold Album using the characters. The characters appeared in many other Cabbage Patch merchandising products ranging from animated cartoons, to board games.

Xavier Roberts was created as a ten year old boy who discovered the Cabbage Patch Kids by following a BunnyBee behind a waterfall into a magical valley where he found the Cabbage Patch babies being born. To keep them from falling into the clutches of the evil Lavendar McDade (and being enslaved in her gold mine), he sought to get the babies adopted into the homes of loving families outside of Mount Yonah.

BunnyBees are bee-like creatures with rabbit ears they use as wings. They pollinate cabbage blossoms with the magic crystals to make Cabbage Patch babies.

Colonel Casey is a large stork who oversees Babyland General hospital. He's the narrator of the Cabbage Patch Kids' story, too.

Otis Lee is a the leader of the gang of Cabbage Patch Kids that befriend Xavier.

Lavendar McDade is an evil old woman who wants to enslave Cabbage Patch Kids in her gold mine.

Cabbage Jack is a large jack rabbit, and henchman of Lavendar.

Beau Weasel is a large weasel and accomplice of Cabbage Jack.